The Puppy Page

Welcome to the puppy page. The eleven rottweiler pups whose development is followed on this page are the offspring of Suzi (Suzi von Bosko) and Toshi (Marlo's Toshiro von Benno). The pups were born on September 15, 1995, between 1am and 11am. Today, Suzi, and son Sluggo still reside at the Vine Street house. Sadly, Toshi passed on in late 1997.

To make this page, the puppies were videotaped with a Hi8 Sony Handycam and digitized over S-video on a Power Macintosh. The images were then converted to JPEG format and uploaded to the World Wide Web.

One Week Old

September 22, 1995

Suzi and a puppy (click for full-size image)

Toshi investigating a puppy

Two Weeks Old

October 1, 1995

Eleven puppies.

Eyes are open!

Dur, dur, d'ê tre puppy.

Fits in the palm of your hand (almost.)

Suzi takes a break

One Month Old

October 15, 1995

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