Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs

Paul E. Debevec, Ph.D. Thesis, UC Berkeley, 1996

Thesis committee: Professors John Canny, Jitendra Malik, and David Wessel


This thesis presents an approach for modeling and rendering existing architectural scenes from sparse sets of still photographs. The modeling approach, which combines both geometry-based and image-based techniques, has two components. The first component is an interactive photogrammetric modeling method which facilitates the recovery of the basic geometry of the photographed scene. The photogrammetric modeling approach is effective, convenient, and robust because it exploits the constraints that are characteristic of architectural scenes. The second component is a model-based stereo algorithm, which recovers how the real scene deviates from the basic model. By making use of the model, this new technique robustly recovers accurate depth from widely-spaced image pairs. Consequently, this approach can model large architectural environments with far fewer photographs than current image-based modeling approaches. For producing renderings, this thesis presents view-dependent texture mapping, a method of compositing multiple views of a scene that better simulates geometric detail on basic models.

This approach can be used to recover models for use in either geometry-based or image-based rendering systems. This work presents results that demonstrate the approach's ability to create realistic renderings of architectural scenes from viewpoints far from the original photographs. This thesis concludes with a presentation of how these modeling and rendering techniques were used to create the interactive art installation Rouen Revisited, presented at the SIGGRAPH '96 art show.

Complete thesis debevec-phdthesis-1996.pdf
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Frontmatter, Contents, Introduction,
Related Work, and Overview (Chapters 1-3)
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Chapter 4: Camera Calibration debevec-phdthesis-1996_ch4_calib.pdf
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Chapter 5: Photogrammetric Modeling debevec-phdthesis-1996_ch5_facade.pdf
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Chapter 6: View-Dependent Texture Mapping debevec-phdthesis-1996_ch6_vdtm.pdf
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Chapter 7: Model-Based Stereo debevec-phdthesis-1996_ch7_stereo.pdf
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Chapter 8: Rouen Revisited debevec-phdthesis-1996_ch8_rouen.pdf
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Bibliography and end notes debevec-phdthesis-1996_end.pdf
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