ICT Graphics Seminar
Monday, May 21, 2:00-3:00pm, 6th Floor Amphitheater
13274 Fiji Way / Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Greg Ward

"High Dynamic Range Imaging"

Talk abstract:

Traditional computer graphics techniques target a 0-1 output range for rendered imagery in hopes of avoiding brightness scaling, gamut-mapping and certain aliasing issues in the output. In this talk, the speaker will present an alternate approach of rendering in an unconstrained color space and performing tone-mapping as a post-process. This method has the advantage of freeing the CG lighter from the limits of contemporary output devices, while making the result potentially more valuable in the long-term as new presentation technologies emerge. The talk will emphasize methods for matching human visual response through display-appropriate tone-mapping techniques. Ample time will be allowed for questions during the talk and afterwards.

About the speaker:

Gregory Ward (a.k.a. Greg Larson) is the author of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory's RADIANCE synthetic imaging system (http://radsite.lbl.gov/radiance), a pioneering global illumination rendering system that uses physically realistic relfectance models and light transport. RADIANCE was the rendering system used at Berkeley to create Rendering with Natural Light and Fiat Lux. He has developed several innovative high dynamic range image file formats and has additionally worked at Silicon Graphics and Shutterfly, Inc.

Slides from the talk:

Ward-HDRImaging-20010521.pdf (2.8M)