Chevette Project Documentary Stills - June 14, 1991
chev_frame1.jpg chev_frame4.jpg chev_frame6.jpg
chev_frame2.jpg chev_frame5.jpg chev_frame3.jpg
Some stills from the video of the image acquisition at the University Inn Parking Structure on Green Street in Urbana, IL shot by Ken Brownfield.
chevette-front.jpg chevette-top.jpg chevette-left.jpg
chevette-right.jpg chevette-back.jpg
The five images of the Chevette which were scanned for the project. Originally, the photographs were placed under a video camera and digitized in color at 512x480 pixel resolution with a TARGA Truevision frame grabber. The images above have been rescanned with a flatbed scanner at higher resolution.
ken-videocamera-rooftop.jpg ken-videocamera-rooftop-edge.jpg paul-ken-rooftop.jpg
Some images of Ken Brownfield shooting the video, and a self-timer image of us on the parking structure in front of University Inn, the tallest building in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Just a few weeks later, a photo reminescent of this would be taken by Chris Nicholas in the Grand Canyon.
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